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St. Patrick's Church, Erin Prairie, Wisconsin


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Chronology of St. Patrick's Parish, Erin Prairie, WI

Chronology of St. Patrick’s Parish

1857- First Mass said in Erin Prairie by Father McGee, then stationed in Hudson immediately thereafter erection of a small log church was started, but not completed owing to the fact that Father McGee was shortly after sent elsewhere. Leadership by Diocese of Milwaukee.

1858- Father Napoleon Mignault sent to Hudson and Mass was said monthly in Erin Prairie

1860- The late John Meath donates two acres of land. On this site a frame church erected.

1862- Father Mignault leaves Hudson. Erin Prairie without regular services, but receives occasional visit from Father Coffee of Hastings, Minnesota. Late that year, Fathers Nicholas and James Stehle, brothers, stationed in Hudson, and attended Erin Prairie until February, 1864.

1864- The fist resident priest, Father John Conroy, comes to Erin Prairie.

1866- Father John Conroy begins erection of a new church.

1867- Struck by lightening, new church destroyed by fire just as it was nearing completion. This was built by the late Phillip S. Brady. Mr. Brady died October 11, 1867. Work on a new church began immediately. This church erected by the late Patrick Phillips, who died in New Richmond, June 13, 1913. Church dedicated in 1869.

1869- Father John Conroy transferred and succeeded by the late Rev. Father Hugh Quigley D. D. – St. Patrick’s became part of the Diocese of LaCrosse.

1872- Father Hugh Quigley D.D. succeeded by Father Peter J. Lavin.

1880- Father Peter Lavin succeeded by Father Martin C. Connolly, who in turn was succeeded shortly after by Father Daniel Reddin

1884- Holy Rosary Church erected in Cylon, Mission of St. Patricks

1898- Father Daniel Reddin erects a modern and commodious parsonage.

1903- Father Patrick Lee becomes Father D. Reddins assistant.

1904- Father Daniel Reddin resigns due to failing health. Father Patrick A. Walsh sent to Erin as Father Reddins assistant, succeeding Father Patrick Lee in that capacity. Father Campbell and then Father Hermann appointed to succeed Father Reddin but died before taking charge.

1905- Father Patrick A. Walsh appointed permanent pastor of St. Patricks. In the past, St. Patricks was part of the Diocese of LaCrosse and transferred to the Diocese of Superior.

1908- Father Daniel Reddin dies, buried in St. Patricks Cemetery.

1913- Work begins on the fifth St. Patrick’s church. The 1869 structure moved across the road to become a community center.

1914-June 16- The day of days in St. Patricks parish, the magnificent new St. Patricks church is dedicated by Bishop Koudelka of Superior.

1938- Father Patrick A. Walsh replaced by Father Daniel Slattery who is also in charge of St. Bridgets in Stanton and Holy Rosary in Cylon.

1940- Father Slattery forced to retire due to poor health and Reverend James Griffin appointed to St. Patricks, St. Bridgets and Holy Rosary.

1945- St Patricks church destroyed by fire.

1946- New St Patricks church built (dedicated May 12, 1947)

1953- Father James Griffin replaced by the Reverend Philip Krembs

1957- St. Patrick’s Centennial

1958- Father Philip Krembs replaced by the Reverend Walter A. Torkildson who reduced the parish debt considerably.

1961- The Reverend George Gleason the “silver-tongued orator” arrived. Holy Rosary parish merged with St. Patrick’s.

1962- Holy Rosary church-Cylon-Mission of St. Patrick’s- closed October 18th.

1965- The Reverend John Tomre became pastor of St. Patrick’s

1978- St. Patrick’s became a mission of Immaculate Conception in New Richmond under the Reverend Daniel Dahlberg.

1988- St. Patrick’s became a mission of Immaculate Conception in Hammond under the guidance of Father Dennis Mullen.

1999- St. Patrick’s once again became a mission of Immaculate Conception in New Richmond with Father Allan Bradley Assisted by Father Leonard Fraher (Retired Priest).

2002- St. Bridget’s Church in Stanton, former Mission of St. Patrick’s, closed September 8th.

2004- Father Allan Bradley leaves due to health and replaced by Father James Brinkman.

2007- St. Patrick’s Sesquicentennial Year

2007- April 22nd Groundbreaking Ceremony for new addition to the church

2007-August 13th- High wind and thunderstorm toppled statues on Resurrection Grotto in cemetery destroy four of the five statues. Also many cemetery stones were blown over and damage to the church structure.

2007-November 18th – Sesquicentennial Mass with Bishop Peter Christianson in attendance.

(researched and submitted by Don Maloney)

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